The War inside The Console War The War inside The Console War

The War inside The Console War

From Golden Eye to SOCOM to Halo, there has been many games that sat on the King of shooters thrown. But arguably when PS3 and 360 showed up it seemed obvious their was a new king, Call of Duty. At first everything seem to be going great for the game series, it was a new game that came out with all new ideas. ( customize your gun load outs,shoot threw walls etc) Things appear to looks as if  Call of Duty would rule over shooters for the foreseeable future. That is until one day a new game rose up during it's rule, to challenge Call of Duty and that game was Battlefield 3.
A true Battlefield game hadnít been seen since PS2, (Battlefield 2 modem combat), with a few side games like Bad Company. But that was the past Battlefield was back, and it made it clear to everyone that it was going to stand against The Call of Duty dynasty. When Battlefield 3 release it sparked unrest in fans of FPS, the shooter world was now divide into two. Long gone was the days when one game would lead them all. Before Battlefield 3 release Call of Duty was already having an identity crisis as, the reviews were showing a trend of saying Infinity Ward was playing it safe by not trying to add nothing different to it's game. In an attempt to keep their hard core fans happy.

But here comes Battlefield 3 which was like a flipped coin to Call of Duty. Tanks, jeep, jets, and helicopters. Additional to that Battlefield 3 had much larger maps than Call of Duty games were use to, giving it a more war like feel.  But with more than 12 million strong Activision was not about to back down to EA quietly. The two juggernauts when mono-e- mono with their late 2011 release dates only days apart from each other. Even AAA games like Gears of War 3 back away from the fight between the two heavy weights. Tensions between the two side were only made worst when news surfaces that Call of Duty's lead platform was Xbox 360, and Battlefield 3's was PlayStation 3.

A line had been drawn in the sand and FPS gamers had to choose a side, either you played  BF3 or MW3. Sci fi shooters were still in the mix with games like Halo and Killzone but  they played in the background. As BF3 and MW3 were more socially acceptable and brought, people who necessary  wouldn't play FPS (myself included) into the genre. Which is something sci fi shooters had never been able to do successfully. The jury is still out on which game did finally take the crown, as FPS king during PS3 and 360 days. But with Call of Duty Modern warfare 3, getting the slight edge over Battlefield 3 with a ratio  6:4 in sales you could say Activision defended their title very well.

By Sturgis Isaac May 3, 2014
Also It must have still been a win For EA also, to launch a shooting game so close to the current Champion. And not only come out alive, but put some scratches on the king's armor too. With a new Battlefield 4 already out and also a new Call of Duty game. It seems the two will duel it out year after year, to try to become the undisputed king of shooters like the old days.  Who will stand tall in the next gen as Pharaoh of FPS Call of Duty or Battlefield? Nobody knows, or will a new game that has yet to be seen rise to power, and claim the title. Only time will tell.... But we know for sure it ain't Titanfall.